Leadership culture
Leadership culture
Make future-proof leadership a reality.
Typical situation
The strategy is in place, offsites and workshops have taken place. Everyone knows what future leadership in your organization should look like - but not much has changed in day-today business. What now?
Common pain points
Lack of ownership
Leading with control
Lack of trust
Silo mentality, poor collaboration
Low motivation
Sustainable new leadership with TheNextWe
Without TheNextWe
  • You invest 5-6-figure sums in training initiatives, the effect of which fizzles out after a short time.
  • Your managers spend hours or even days in workshops instead of focusing on their core tasks.
  • The transformation of your company is jeopardized by the continuation of old management patterns.
With TheNextWe
  • You achieve a guaranteed change in leadership behavior.
  • Your managers solve the challenges in their teams directly "on the job" with a small time invest (1h/week).
  • Through collective behavior change in your leadership, you achieve the transformation your company has been striving for.

Support your leaders where it actually matters: in their day-to-day management routines.

Thanks to the TheNextWe® app and our specially trained coaches, your leaders achieve their goals from anywhere and whenever it suits their schedule.

TheNextWe App
Measurable goal achievement
Focus on a concrete development goal
24/7 accompaniment
1:1 meetings and chat with the personal coach
High learning factor
Exercises, reflections, surveys, learning modules
Concrete action plan
Step-by-step success through milestones and rewards
Companies that drive change with TheNextWe
The TheNextWe effect:
8 times more effective than training
Each component of the TheNextWe® program is designed to anchor new behavior in your leaders' day-to-day activities. At comparable costs, this is over 8 times more effective than the use of trainings and seminars.
Your leaders
TheNextWe Logo
87% effectivity
44 managers lead better.
traditional trainings
10% effectivity
5 managers lead better.

What our customers say

  • Thomas P. Meier
    “Together with TheNextWe, we succeeded in realizing the mindset for an internationally successful company. Thanks to individual coaching which led to a new, collective movement. This was the liberation we were looking for.”
    Thomas P. Meier
    Chief Executive Officer
    Ricola Group
  • Jochen Brenner
    “TheNextWe coaches P&G managers in their personal development. It's amazing how effective digital coaching can be and what's possible within 12 weeks. We'll continue!”
    Jochen Brenner
    Associate HR Director
    P&G DACH
  • Kerstin Oster
    “For us as a municipal utility, digitalization is an important and sometimes challenging step towards modernization. TheNextWe has optimally supported our leaders in developing an effective mindset for the associated change.”
    Kerstin Oster
    HR and Social Affairs Director
    Berliner Wasserbetriebe
  • Peter Albiez
    “We achieved great results with TheNextWe in our sales force. Their digital coaching is a reasonable investment with a big impact. My recommendation: Do it!”
    Peter Albiez
    former Country Manager
    Pfizer Germany
  • Tina Müller
    “With TheNextWe's program for mindset change we increased employee satisfaction at Douglas by 11% within only 12 weeks. I never would have thought that's possible.”
    Tina Müller
    former CEO
    Douglas Group
  • Stephan von Bülow
    “As a mid-sized company, coaching had never really been our focus. TheNextWe did an excellent job and our investment paid off quickly. I recommend it.”
    Stephan von Bülow
    Eugen Block Holding GmbH
TheNextWe in the press
What our customers experience
A change of perspective changes everything.
Learn how Nestlé Germany empowered nearly 500 leaders to lead better with our program.
How Nestlé Germany Re‑Aligned Hundreds of Leaders
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