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The program
Individual goal achievement, collective breakthrough.

Our TheNextWe® program achieves scalable collective behavior change.

Trainings vs. TheNextWe Program
„Only 10% of training programs are effective [...] most companies are unable to transfer employee learning into changes in individual and organization behavior“

In Germany alone, companies invest over 40 billion euros every year in continuing education measures [], although there is extensive evidence that trainings and seminars have almost no effect on the daily business behavior of those trained.

The cause lies deep in the mindset of your employees. Every employee has individual reservations and fears about new things. This is completely natural: we prefer security and stability. The fixed thought patterns that have developed over the years must first be recognized and resolved before anything new can emerge.

In addition, we are creatures of habit - we do things unconsciously for over 90% of the day. As a consequence, a new positive mindset must be consciously practiced in our behavior, according to science 66 days until it becomes routine.

Conventional measures

Management intervention

Operational changes can be initiated by the company's own managers, but often generate collective reservations.

Trainings & seminars

Learning new tools and content does not change behavior in everyday life - individual reservations and old habits remain unaffected.


Individual coaching promotes personal development, but does not bring about collective, targeted change.

TheNextWe program

Sustainable, collective behavior change in 12 weeks
To realign the behavior of a team, a department or the entire organization, you need a consistent methodology and targeted on-the-job interventions for collective change.
How do we work?
Your path to better results
In order to achieve collectively better results, your employees go through a 12-week realignment: a change of perspective, followed by intensive consolidation of the new behavior.
Program start
Mindset change
Implement & consolidate
Resolve obstacles
2 weeks
Your employees start the 1:1 work with their coach, identify obstructive thought patterns and dissolve them.
New perspective
2 weeks
Everyone in the team develops a new, functional perspective with which the set goal can be achieved.
Anchoring new behavior
8 weeks
Your employees start to work differently and anchor the new behavior in their day-to-day business until it becomes routine.
Sustainable success
You achieve measurably better results (e.g. more revenue, higher productivity).

Support your employees where it really counts: in their day-to-day work.

Thanks to TheNextWe® app, your teams can achieve their goals from anywhere and whenever it suits their schedule.

TheNextWe App
Measurable goal achievement
Focus on a concrete development goal
24/7 accompaniment
1:1 meetings and chat with the personal coach
High learning factor
Exercises, reflections, surveys, learning modules
Concrete action plan
Step-by-step success through milestones and rewards
Privacy and security
by design


Everything that participants share with their coach (via phone, chat, online modules) is kept strictly confidential.


Participants only exchange first names (pseudonym possible) and communicate via app and in protected audio conversations.


All data is transmitted strongly encrpyted, additionally, sensitive data is also stored in encrypted form (encryption at rest).


Our platform implements the highest data protection standards, runs on European servers and undergoes regular audits.

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