Sales performance
Sales performance
Free your sales team from stagnation.
Typical situation
Your team knows where to go. You have already invested in training and seminars, incentives and tools. And yet the sales results are unsatisfactory. What to do?
Common pain points
Too little revenue
Poor conversion rate
No sales mindset
No can-do attitude
Lack of customer centricity
Tools aren't being used
Good news
  • You don't need to invest even more time and money in trainings.
  • You don't have to replace your employees.
  • Your sales team needs a change of perspective.
In just 12 weeks, you will change the way your sales team thinks about your customers, your product and your tools and achieve measurably better results.

Support your salespeople where it actually matters: in their day-to-day work.

Thanks to the TheNextWe® app, your sales reps achieve their goals from anywhere and whenever it suits their schedule.

TheNextWe App
Measurable goal achievement
Focus on a concrete sales target
High learning factor
Exercises, reflections, surveys, learning modules
24/7 accompaniment
1:1 meetings and chat with the personal coach
Concrete action plan
Step-by-step success through milestones and rewards
Sustainable sales success with TheNextWe
Without TheNextWe
  • You invest 4-6-figure sums in sales training, the effect of which fizzles out after a short time.
  • Your team spends many hours or even days in seminars instead of selling.
  • You have to regularly replace employees - at signifcant cost - in the hope that this will solve the performance problems.
With TheNextWe
  • You achieve a guaranteed change in sales behavior.
  • Your employees solve their challenge "on the job" with a small time invest (1h/week).
  • You achieve measurably better sales results with your existing team.
Companies that drive change with TheNextWe
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What our customers experience
A change of perspective changes everything.
Find out how Pfizer Germany's sales force dramatically improved its sales performance by changing its perspective in our program.
270% more Digital Customer Conversations at Pfizer Germany
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