Digitalization & AI
Digitalization & AI
Turn digital skepticism into productivity.
Typical situation
The importance of digital tools and processes for your company is clear to everyone. But in the day-to-day, you experience skepticism, rejection and avoidance.
Common pain points
Poor tool usage
Fear of job loss
Preference for old processes
Poor implementation motivation
Fear of control/measurability
Overload due to multitasking
Digital productivity with TheNextWe
Without TheNextWe
  • You invest 5-6 figure sums in training and new tools that are not being used.
  • Your team spends many hours or even days in training courses instead of practicing usage in day-to-day operations.
  • Your company loses competitiveness because digitalization goals are not turned into reality.
With TheNextWe
  • A positive, collective mindset towards digital tools and processes emerges.
  • Your employees anchor the new behavior “on the job” with a small time invest (1h/week).
  • Your company sees increased productivity and motivation.

Personalized support for change

Your employees develop new behavior individually with the TheNextWe® app and specially trained coaches, scalable to hundreds of participants.

TheNextWe App
Measurable goal achievement
Focus on a concrete development goal
24/7 accompaniment
1:1 meetings and chat with the personal coach
High learning factor
Exercises, reflections, surveys, learning modules
Concrete action plan
Step-by-step success through milestones and rewards
Companies that drive change with TheNextWe
The TheNextWe effect:
8 times more effective than training
Each component of the TheNextWe® program is designed to anchor new behavior in your employees' day-to-day activities. At comparable costs, this is over 8 times more effective than the use of trainings and seminars.
Your staff
TheNextWe Logo
87% effectivity
44 employees are digitally more productive.
traditional trainings
10% effectivity
5 employees are digitally more productive.

What our customers say

  • Kerstin Oster
    “For us as a municipal utility, digitalization is an important and sometimes challenging step towards modernization. TheNextWe has optimally supported our leaders in developing an effective mindset for the associated change.”
    Kerstin Oster
    HR and Social Affairs Director
    Berliner Wasserbetriebe
  • Peter Albiez
    “We achieved great results with TheNextWe in our sales force. Their digital coaching is a reasonable investment with a big impact. My recommendation: Do it!”
    Peter Albiez
    former Country Manager
    Pfizer Germany
  • Stephan von Bülow
    “As a mid-sized company, coaching had never really been our focus. TheNextWe did an excellent job and our investment paid off quickly. I recommend it.”
    Stephan von Bülow
    Eugen Block Holding GmbH
  • Tobias Engelhardt
    “I can recommend TheNextWe to every startup investor. This new coaching method helps the key people in a startup achieve their goals more efficiently.”
    Tobias Engelhardt
    Investor and Business Angel
    of the Year 2016
  • Thomas P. Meier
    “Together with TheNextWe, we succeeded in realizing the mindset for an internationally successful company. Thanks to individual coaching which led to a new, collective movement. This was the liberation we were looking for.”
    Thomas P. Meier
    Chief Executive Officer
    Ricola Group
  • Jochen Brenner
    “TheNextWe coaches P&G managers in their personal development. It's amazing how effective digital coaching can be and what's possible within 12 weeks. We'll continue!”
    Jochen Brenner
    Associate HR Director
    P&G DACH
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What our customers experience
A change of perspective changes everything.
Find out how Pfizer Germany's sales force dramatically improved its use of digital tools by changing its perspective in our program.
270% more Digital Customer Conversations at Pfizer Germany
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