Leadership culture
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Leadership culture
Dare more and work better together: This is exactly what we enabled almost 500 managers at Nestlé Germany to do.
Nestlé wants to make its products climate-neutral and its entire product range healthier. And to do so in the shortest possible time. It quickly became clear to those responsible that such major tasks would require an adaptation of the management culture.

Nestlé is the largest food manufacturer in the world. The traditional Swiss company, which began its journey over 200 years ago with the sale of soluble milk powder, has today become a global corporation with over 2,000 brands and more than 350,000 employees in 186 countries. In Germany, Nestlé employees work at the Frankfurt headquarters and in 11 factories to implement the company’s credo “Good food, Good life” on a daily basis. However, the context in which we live is undergoing major changes. To meet the challenges of climate change and the urgent need for healthy nutrition, one also needs “good leadership”.

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01 / Understanding needs thoroughly
In thorough co-creation, a tailor-made program was developed for Nestlé Germany.

The survey of about 100 employees from all areas was incorporated into a pilot program: Based on the identified wants and needs, three individual learning paths with different focuses were developed, all supporting the envisioned vision of leadership and collaboration.

02 / Ziel formulieren
In three core areas - new leadership culture, more innovativeness and better collaboration - a collective motivation for change was to be ignited so that the transformation that had begun could really be lived.
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03 / Individuelle Begleitung
50 colleagues started the pilot program, and the entire top management team (including the CEO and board members) took part.

The twelve-week program began with an analysis of the personal mindset, i.e. the inner attitude toward the most important professional topics.

Conversation took place in a concentrated manner via the TheNextWe app:
Participants use it to talk to their coach via chat and audio calls. This distraction-free exchange allows for a high level of concentration in which important leadership questions are answered: Am I listening more than I am speaking? Am I leaving room for answers? Do I believe that I can only achieve real performance by working overtime - or does the best leadership consist of developing employees and valuing them with tasks? In this way, participants identified very practically what they themselves wanted to change in order to promote an open learning culture - and to increase their own wellbeing.

In the weeks that followed, practical application took place:
New behaviors were practiced - with the help of weekly tasks and impulses from the coaches and other interventions in the app.

A male program participant speaks to the camera
04 / Kollektiver Erfolg
The pilot program was successfully completed and the rollout began: In one year, over 370 managers participated.

The extremely high participation rate shows how important the program became for the participants: Only 9 of 2,298 scheduled coaching sessions did not take place. The participants report major improvements on the way to achieving the goals they have set themselves:

“I listen more than I speak.”
“I dare to do new things every day.”
“I leave room for answers.”
… of participants expressed full satisfaction with the program
… found that their new mindset contributed greatly to their personal development and to the development of the corporate culture.
By changing the individual perspectives of hundreds of managers, Nestlé Germany achieved a significant, measurable improvement in collective behavior to realign its leadership culture.
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A leadership reset for Nestlé Germany

See how Nestlé Germany developed and successfully implemented the realignment of hundreds of managers with TheNextWe.

Ralf Hengels
“We used TheNextWe to bring our transformation to life. It quickly became clear to us that this starts with each individual in the management team, which is why we all took part ourselves. The feedback from the participants was incredibly good.”
Ralf Hengels
HR Director
Nestlé Germany
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