without a

new mindset

there's no

new behaviour

Ignite a collective mindset change within your organisation and experience better results and happier employees.

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The magic ingredient:
mindset change

See how Ricola combined its strong tradition with the determination of a global player - and successfully developed and implemented the neccessary leadership culture with TheNextWe.

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The best companies drive change with TheNextWe.


Within a few months, depending on the programme and goal, our customers achieve:


increase in
employee satisfaction


increase in


increase in

New mindset - at scale

With our tailor-made 12 week programmes you will sustainably establish new behavior within your organisation - no matter whether with a few executives or thousands of employees.

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TheNextWe® Leadership

This programme enables key multipliers in your organisation to achieve an individual development goal that can contribute to an overriding company goal. Every participating executive is accompanied for 12 weeks by a professional TheNextWe® coach.

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TheNextWe® Growth

Supports employees below middle management in achieving an individual development goal that may contribute to an overriding company goal. Every participant is accompanied for 12 weeks by a professional TheNextWe® coach.

Marc-Aurel Boersch
Marc-Aurel Boersch
Chairman of the Board
Nestlé Germany

I am very impressed with how TheNextWe is effectively changing our leadership culture with a customised programme for Nestlé's entire board and top executives. I've done it myself and I'm thrilled.

A systematic way
to achieve better results.

The TheNextWe® App turns the participants' personal goal achievement process into a pleasant journey:

  • Icon Modules
    Exercises, reflections, surveys, learning snippets
  • Icon Chat
    24/7 digital interaction with the coach
  • Icon Aktionsplan
    Goal achievement with milestones and rewards
  • Icon Calls
    Coaching sessions for all phases of the programme

Goal achievement of participants

Personal sparring.
Proven method.

Every participant is accompanied 1:1 by a TheNextWe® certified coach for 12 weeks. To be staffed into our coach pool, applicants need to fulfil 4 requirements:

  • Icon Degree
    reputable coaching degree
  • Icon Coaching Experience
    Coaching Experience
    hundreds to thousands of hours coached
  • Icon Business Experience
    Business Experience
    first-hand leadership or revenue responsibility
  • Icon TheNextWe<sup>®</sup> Method
    TheNextWe® Method
    3-months certification as a mindset change coach

Ignite sustainable change today.

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