And suddenly, record levels become the norm for your sales force.

Better sales performance comes from new thinking.

The good news first: Your sales force probably already has the resources they need to sell successfully. But if - despite all the trainings, tools and incentives - results are not what they should be, the central question is: "What's preventing my sales team from succeeding?"

You don't need more training
Did you know that only 10% of all training courses are effective?1 Sales trainings provide know-how around tools and techniques.

When it comes to actually selling in a new way, you need close guidance in the day-to-day lives of your sales employees.
First the mindset
The first step is to identify and resolve obstructive thought patterns.

What reservations and skepticism about the product, the customer or the process do your sales employees have? What perspective would allow them to act with total confidence?
Then the behavior
With a new mindset on selling comes the practicing and anchoring of new behavior - by interacting with customers and tools, day after day, until it becomes a habit.

This way you will improve your sales results permanently and achieve higher productivity and more revenue.
“We have tried the use of technology in our sales process at Pfizer many times before. Now we've also incorporated emotion... This has allowed us as specialists to conduct far more sales calls, in addition to significantly reducing travel time and costs.”
Dr. Andreas Färber
Associate Director Sales Neurology, Pfizer Germany

See how we enable new behavior at companies like Ricola.

How to sustainably change your sales performance.

With the TheNextWe® program, sales teams succeed in resolving old thought patterns and establishing new, effective sales behavior in a short time.

The program lasts 12 weeks and is divided into 2 phases:

new mindset
new behavior
Every sales challenge is unique. That's why we customize both the chosen program and the 1:1 coaching of your sales employees to 100% suit your needs.
On the job
With the TheNextWe® app, change happens where it matters: in the daily business life of your leaders. On average, participants invest 1h/week to reach their development goal.
Top coaches
Behind our app, you'll find knowledgeable, human experts. Every sales employee is accompanied 1:1 by a TheNextWe® certified coach with extensive sales experience.
Whether a few people from the field service or your entire sales team, the TheNextWe® program is effective for all levels of hierarchy and numbers of participants.
What our customers say
Peter Albiez
Peter Albiez
former Country Manager
Pfizer Germany

"We achieved great results with TheNextWe in our sales force. Their digital coaching is a reasonable investment with a big impact. My recommendation: Do it!"

Stephan von Bülow
Stephan von Bülow
Eugen Block Holding GmbH
Block Group

"As a mid-sized company, coaching had never really been our focus. TheNextWe did an excellent job and our investment paid off quickly. I recommend it."

Jochen Brenner
Jochen Brenner
Associate HR Director

"TheNextWe coaches P&G managers in their personal development. It's amazing how effective digital coaching can be and what's possible within 12 weeks. We'll continue!"

Kerstin Oster
Kerstin Oster
HR and Social Affairs Director
Berliner Wasserbetriebe
Berliner Wasserbetriebe

"For us as a municipal utility, digitalization is an important and sometimes challenging step towards modernization. TheNextWe has optimally supported our leaders in developing an effective mindset for the associated change."

Thomas P. Meier
Thomas P. Meier
Chief Executive Officer
Ricola Group

"Together with TheNextWe, we succeeded in realizing the mindset for an internationally successful company. Thanks to individual coaching which led to a new, collective movement. This was the liberation we were looking for."

Tina Müller
Tina Müller
former CEO
Douglas Group

"With TheNextWe's program for mindset change we increased employee satisfaction at Douglas by 11% within only 12 weeks. I never would have thought that's possible."

Marc-Aurel Boersch
Marc-Aurel Boersch
former Chairman of the Board
Nestlé Germany

"I am very impressed with how TheNextWe is effectively changing our leadership culture with a customized program for Nestlé's entire board and top executives. I've done it myself and I'm thrilled."

Florian Gottschaller
Florian Gottschaller
Spendit AG

"As a founder you never ask: "Is there a problem with my thinking?" But cracking that can lead to breakthroughs. With the TheNextWe even the process is lots of fun."

Tobias Engelhardt
Tobias Engelhardt
Investor and Business Angel
of the Year 2016
Engelhardt Kaupp Kiefer

"I can recommend TheNextWe to every startup investor. This new coaching method helps the key people in a startup achieve their goals more efficiently."

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