Case Study

How Ricola Set Out for New Success With New Mindsets

Ricola values its family culture, but challenged the status quo to build on its great international success with determination and speed.

As the first Ricola CEO “from outside the family,” Thomas P. Meier strengthened the transformation of the company from a Swiss SME to a global player. How was this achieved? The CEO himself names the key to the change:

“It all starts with the mindset.”
Thomas P. Meier
CEO, Ricola Group

The individual mindsets for the success of this major undertaking were developed and implemented in an executive coaching session in which the Executive Board also participated. A film describes the context of the program and the impressions of the participants.

Coaching participant being interviewed

TheNextWe co-founder Insa Klasing concludes:

“At Ricola, the CEO and the Board of Directors have declared the mindset change program a leadership priority and have completed it themselves. 'Walking the talk' in this manner is exemplary and will set a precedent.”
Insa Klasing
Co-Founder, TheNextWe

Thank you very much for your trust, Thomas Meier, René Schori and dear other participants!

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